Herblock’s Ever Green Exhibit

On Display in April:

“Ever Green”, the latest addition to the Herblock Traveling Exhibitions displays Herblock’s powerful cartoons about the environment, a subject he began addressing during the Twenties and the Great Depression. Herblock cared deeply about the environment. His work on issues about wildlife, wilderness and natural resources are as relevant today, as they were in the past. Many of his cartoons on the world’s most fragile and precious treasures, were produced shortly before his death at age 91 in September 2001.


Herbert Block (1909-2001), the political cartoonist better known as “Herblock,” became the most honored cartoonist of his time, winning three Pulitzer Prizes, and sharing a fourth for his Watergate cartoons which contributed to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. He was the only living cartoonist whose work was exhibited in the National Gallery of Art, and the only living cartoonist to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He caricatured thirteen U.S. presidents, from Herbert Hoover to George W. Bush, chronicling American history from the 1929 Stock Market crash through summer 2001. He took on causes with courage and conviction, coined the phrase “McCarthyism,” forced reform and became the most influential and enduring political cartoonist in American history.

(taken from http://www.herblockexhibitions.org)

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